I have assumed various roles including UX design, UX research, and product management. I love creating usable, delightful solutions that meet business goals and deliver great customer experiences. 

I am ambitious, passionate about people, and love what I do. I bring colleagues, customers, and leaders together to focus on the problem to be solved and empower them to play to their strengths. People are at the center of every decision that I make.

 My “A-Ha!” moments usually start when I’m able to get one person in the team to fall in love with the problem rather than a solution, shifting the conversation from “we need to put a widget on these pages” to “how do we nudge our customers to complete the task and get to a better user experience outcome?”

My perspective

I subscribe to Peter Merholz' point of view on the definition of user experience design, and my process reflects that. 

“There is no such thing as ‘UX Design.’ Most people, when they use that phrase, mean interaction design + information architecture. Some include research and strategy. Others include visual design and prototyping.
Its variable definition only leads to confusion, and does a disservice to those trying to understand how research, strategy, and design contributes to delivering great user experiences.”
Peter Merholz

I see myself as someone who systematically tries to understand how to use my skills in research and analysis to deliver a great user experience. 

I start by validating existing requirements while gauging the assumptions and expectations of the user. I then ensure that technical constraints, visual design, user requirements, and system safety are balanced throughout the system development. I optimize the team's time and maximize the opportunity to create great experiences. 

Collaboration and communication are an integral part of the way I work. I shy away from the idea that UX is the be-all and end-all solution for everything. I believe that everyone in a team has something to contribute. 

Who I admire

Some of my sources of inspiration: 

  • Desire Sy. Although she doesn't publish much, her work on agile UX and collaboration was a revelation and I frequently return to it.  
  • Jeff Sauro, UX research methods guru. His blog and books are a frequent source of inspiration. 
  • Jeff Patton, Lean UX guru
  • Jeff Gothelf, Lean UX legend
  • Luke W. Digital Product Leader
  • Abby The IA, the creator of the World Information Architecture Day
  • Peter Merholz co-founder of Adaptive Path; self-described contrarian


    Wright State University

    • M.S. Industrial and Human Factors Engineering
    • B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering


      UX Design and IA 

      • Requirement Definition
      • Wireframes
      • Axure Prototyping
      • Collaborative Design
      • Site Maps, Process Flows


      • Data-driven personas
      • Quantitative & qualitative research
      • User testing with surveys 
      • In-lab, remote, and hallway usability testing
      • Ethnographic research

      Teamwork and Facilitation

      • User-Centered Design
      • Design-Oriented Thinking
      • Culture Transformation
      • Mentoring Team Members
      • Questioning the Status Quo

      Tools & Technical

      • Favorite Tools: Sketch, Axure, Google Analytics, Snagit, Survey Monkey, and Trello
      • The Rest: Principle, Visio, Snagit, Photoshop, Morae, WebTrends, Capian, and various Chrome Plug-Ins
      • Technical: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML


      • French
      • English